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I’m unsure as to what the “Job Areas” mean…
Q: I'm unsure as to what the "Job Areas" mean...   A: With regard to the categories we list we ask that you keep an open mind when selecting,  especially as we all know it’s impossible to box things off in such an interconnected industry. So don’t be surprised IF a role falls into a number of these categories (you are able to select more than one category).

Business aligned - any role which is slanted towards the actual business; so business strategy, high level consultancy, or functional architecture. Includes applicable roles in business analysis, high level programme management/PMO, business process transformation/re-engineering, and even product management/strategy (although this could also fall under ‘Service Management’). Includes areas such as Quantitative Research/Analysts, Portfolio Managers and specific industry business roles.

Data aligned - in this data-driven world many roles could fall under this domain. Predominantly though we’re referring to data analysis/modelling/engineering, data architecture, database design/architecture/engineering and support/administration (although DBA’s and database development/engineering could both fall under ‘Enterprise’, ‘Development’ or ‘Infrastructure’), data integration/migration/transformation. Also includes CDO’s, heads of data/information management.

Development aligned - generally speaking these are solutions/application development roles.  Includes development QA/change/automation, and more development focused application/production support roles. Also heads of, project/programme management.

Enterprise aligned - any enterprise-wide technology roles or those roles that sit upper echelons of the technology hierarchy (whereby they are NOT aligned to a specific business or solely to infrastructure &/or development. So more likely enterprise-wide solutions architecture, or high level IT management across an entire technology estate.

Infrastructure aligned - here we’re covering all infrastructure, communications, and enterprise infrastructure applications/systems/middleware. So ALL services-technical/infrastructure/support. Systems engineering /programming is included (although this could have been listed under ‘Development’, but here we’re mainly referring to hard-core platform/systems development). All aspects of compute, platforms, networks/comms, databases/storage. We are also including production side database/applications support, all infrastructure systems change/QA/testing, DevOps and implementation. Also heads of, project/programme management.

Service Management aligned - across support & delivery. Includes bid management/procurement/RFIs, Service delivery/SIAM (integration & management), solutions &/or services including SLA, vendor /relationship management. Pre-sales, Product management/strategy, Client on-boarding, IT asset management.

Technology Risk Management  - all TRM, so includes cyber security, IT security (systems/networking/ applications), security/application testing, IT audit (internal &/or external applications/systems/networks/data/info), information/data management (governance/risk/security/quality/MDM), identity & access management (IM/IdM/IAM), forensic investigations (security/policy incidents), disaster recovery/business continuity. Also CISO, heads of, project/programme management

Other – any role that falls outside of the above categories, including, but not limited to, hardware engineering, documentation/technical authorship, training.

I’m interested in a Job on your site, how do I go about contacting you?
Q: I'm interested in a Job on your site, how do I go about contacting you?   A: That's great; We'd love to hear from you!..... Feel free to either reach out to us by the "Apply for a Job" button on the bottom of the Job you like; or call us: UK +44 20 7993 6651 or US +1 646 688 4499 or feel free to use our contact form.
I want to know about your use of my data, or monitoring of web traffic….
Q: I want to know more about your use of my data, or monitoring of web traffic: A: You can view all of our Terms and Conditions as well as our privacy and cookie policy: Here
Who are Techfellow?
Q: Who are Techfellow? A: If you'd like to learn more about Techfellow and who we are please click here